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when you can make instant snapshots

in a original photobooth concept

and share it on social media



by not only adding fun but also

an everlasting memory for all.

The perfect gift !

Originality is
key to success

It all started with this little TukTuk.

Even though Bali is a very desireable destination for events, weddings, incentives, we felt there was still something lacking.  

Fun needs to be a part of every event.  And that is where we come in.

Bali Photo Booth is all about giving the clients a unique concept.  

So not only is the experience fun and often hilarious but the guests receive a momento of the occasion to take home.

Each of our concepts is unique.  From chic and classy to spiced up to off the wall.  The choice is yours.

Let us be clear, we are not photographers !  

Our concept brings a booth with a touch screen, camera and an instant printer.  This is incorporated into different original looks.

Look at our very popular TukTuk, our human sized Magical Mirror, or our old TV, and many others we offer.

Check out our link Pick One to see which would tempt you to book for your next event.

Pick one

There are 3 things we love







In 2014 we introduced our very first photo booth, the TukTuk.  Today this one is still very much appreciated by our customers.

6 years later we now offer 9 different photo booths for you to pick from.

Each one of them is unique in its own way and can be booked according to your taste, location or type of event.

Let us introduce them...


Fun in a small car

Step into this TukTuk, sit down and have fun with taking pictures together with your friends/family.  It can easily fit 4 people but 7 people has been the record.

This photo booth drives itself to the venue and can be setup within an hour.

*Due to its size it might not fit all venues.

Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 15.36.27.png
Photo Ayam

No food just fun

This cart is an original Indonesian Gerobak i.e. food cart with fresh chicken (Ayam in Indonesian) which has been transformed into a photo booth.

Here you stand on the side of it to take pictures.  We can easily set it up wherever you want with a natural background or a requested backdrop.  

Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 15.37.17.png
Photo Case

Carry on

This concept is made out of 2 carry cases. No location is impossible for this photo booth.

We can carry this one onto the highest cliff or the deepest cave.  


Ain't no mountain high enough no valley low enough...


Lay down and smile

The Cocoon is a great concept for baby showers.  The camera is positioned in the ceiling of the photo booth so lay down, relax and take cute pictures with that beautiful little one.
Needless to say that grown up babies are welcome too ;-)
Magic Mirror

Mirror, mirror...

Mirror mirror in the hall take a picture of us all.
This booth is elegant and fun. Perfect for the red carpet at any event. On top of it all you can write something on the mirror and this will be printed on your photo strip.
OLD TV.jpeg

That's 70's

Feel like going back to the good old days ?
This photo booth can be hidden in an ordinary interior.  It looks like an old tv but is indeed a photo booth.  Set it up in front of a cool background or we can create one for you.  Now gather around all you beautiful people and count to 3.  You are now on TV!
Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 15.37.33.png

How it all started

The look of this photo booth is how we used to know it : standing in a railway station where you could quickly take some passport photos. We pimped up the look of this good old fashioned photo booth and added some props to now make fun pictures with max. 4 persons at a time.

Screenshot 2020-10-04 at 16.15.20.png

A magical world

The Infinity is a very unique and artistic photo booth for Exclusive events only.

The setup is rather complex and time consuming.  This photo booth is recommended to exclusive brands that want to stand out during a certain period.  Think promotional event at a shopping mall.

If you choose this one, nobody will ever forget

this unique experience.


Strike a pose

Want to stand in the spotlight ?  Vogue is the one for you.  Not only can it take large groups on one picture but it can be used for special photoshoots as well.

Its size is perfect for outside events!

Photo strips

Photo strips

TukTuk printing photo strips

TukTuk printing photo strips

Fun props

Fun props

write on the Magic Mirror

write on the Magic Mirror

the Cocoon

the Cocoon

group picture in the Cocoon

group picture in the Cocoon

Sign your picture on the Magic Mirror

Sign your picture on the Magic Mirror

more props

more props

Ⓒ Bali Photo Booth
T Galleria DFS.png
Ask away

Contact  us

We would love to help you make your event memorable.  We can even make a photo booth just for you.
Thinking of doing something like this in your country? Let us know if you would like to have a meeting.
*Filling in the form please give us as much details as possible.
Specify if you are planning an event or looking for a collaboration.  Is the date already set; do you have a preference of photo booth; etc.
What type of event is it

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