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How many people can have their picture taken in a booth at the same time ?
Depending on the type of photo booth it goes from 2 persons up to 20 people and more.
How exactly does the photo booth work ?

Every booth comes with a touch screen, camera and printer.

Once it is set up and ready to go; the guests stand or sit in front of the camera, press the screen to start and strike a pose.  

Once the pictures have been taken, you can choose out of 6 types of filter (b/w; sepia, etc.) and your memorable picture is printed within10 seconds.

Our Bali Photo Booth attendant will always be there to assist.

Will we receive the photos after the event ?

Yes, absolutely !

Every guest will be leaving with a great souvenir on the evening itself. 

The organiser gets all copies by the end of the event in a beautiful personalised box as well as on a personalised USB with all recordings so you can use them for multiple purposes.

Is everything being provided ?

The photo booth comes fully equipped and with necessary lighting. The only thing we need from the venue is electricity power (220V).

What is the best location for a photo booth ?

Most of our Photo Booths are easy to place.  We can position it almost anywhere but we do recommend it should be situated a bit away from the crowd, so if there are speeches given there will be no distraction.

Every location can be different, but near the bar is always a success.  

We will be happy to help you pick a spot if you are not sure.

Can we have a personal message or our logo on the photo strips?

Absolutely !  Almost everything is possible.

You tell us what you want, for example "special thanks" with your picture or logo ... we will fix it for you.  

This only needs to be discussed and agreed upon before the date of the event, so we can prepare it properly.

What type of photo strips are available?

We can provide a one single picture, postcard style, or a photo strip up to 4 smaller pictures.

The layout of every strip will be the same during the full time of the event.

As a bonus we offer the organiser a USB of all pictures taken so you can use and print them for as many times as you like, at no extra charge.

Do you have props?

Yes, we have many.  These can be wigs, funny glasses, crazy hats and/or wooden prop signs.  We offer 2 personalized prop signs for free.  For a wedding, this will normally be the names of the couple or anything else they would prefer.

For corporate events we can have your logo/brand mentioned on them.

This will be discussed together with the organiser before the event.

Why a photo booth and not a photographer with a background screen?

It is just not the same! 

Bali Photo Booth offers unique concepts which will only make your event even more memorable.  Your guests will not only remember posing for a picture but also the originality of the photo booth.  We want to be an extension of your location, something that will make your event even more successful.

People also tend to be much more relaxed when there is no photographer present.

With Bali Photo Booth you get the fun, the perfect look and immediate prints to take home.

Do we still need a photographer?
We believe so, yes.
A photographer can not replace a Photo Booth and a Photo Booth can not replace a photographer. However together they can be a perfect match.
We will be happy to recommend someone.
How much time do you need to set up ?

We like to get there nice and early to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We request the venue to provide us with electrical power (220V) within a range of 10 meter from the location of the photo booth. 

As soon as we arrive, we will double check everything so our system is up and running once the event starts.

If ever something unexpected happens, think rainy weather, we will make sure there is still time to find an alternative location so stressful situations can be avoided.  

Do not worry, we will have it covered !

In  short

Once your event; being a wedding, private party, business incentive, etc. is confirmed, your job is done!

We will personally check with the venue for the positioning and setup time of our photo booth.

On the day of the event, we will arrive more than on time, check all once more before the event begins and we are ready to have some fun.

Once the guests arrive, our personal Bali Photo Booth assistant will show them how it works : every photo booth has a touch screen that makes you select between a video recording or taking max. 4 pictures.  

If the organiser has opted for

     video, after the countdown you can record a 15' second message which the guest(s) of honour will receive later as a gift.

If the organiser opted for

     camera, after countdown start striking a pose and whilst leaving the photo booth the photo prints will already be in process.  Not only does the organiser(s) get a copy of these prints but you receive straight away the same souvenir to take home.


Still not finding the answer(s) you need ?

mail us

We are happy to schedule a video conference or personal meeting.

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